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Friday, October 06, 2006

Open Thread for Friday

Friday Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will attend a grand opening for the Westfield Topanga shopping center. Later in the afternoon he will join LAPD Chief William Bratton to hold a news conference to discuss efforts to clean up downtown's Skid Row and efforts to recruit more police officers.


Anonymous said...

Antonio and clowncil sat on their asses for years even when he was a Clowncil member himself and did nothing to clean up skid row. Now that Bratton is doing the job of course he wants to take credit.

Matt Dowd has become a female whiner complainer. I almost fell off my computer chair watching Channel 35 when he said "the police need a BLACK CHIEF. Mayor Sam please tell that idiot we did have a black Chief, Bitter Bernie and 1,000 officers left the dept. because of him and he was the reason for Rampart. This bullshit he keeps saying about police arresting black people in Venice is crap. The people being arrested are for more then simple panhandling moron. Matt is beginning to sound more and more like the whinning black activists in South LA who have been saying the same thing for over a decade but also have sat on their asses doing nothing to make it better.

Anonymous said...

Hey MAV:

Instead of opening shopping centers, why not get left-turn signals at busy intersections in the Valley?

Like Owensmouth & Victory, next to the new Nordstrom's you'll be opening.