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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

More Mirth for Mirthala, This Time With Fabian! (But You Knew That)

This is not news despite what some westside bloggers and news sites may think. We had it here first. Looks like Mirthala has a thing for rising star Latino politicians.

I think its time NBC considered getting rid of this "journalist" before they become a laughing stock.

NBC did however fire married reporter Kyung Lah for "gross misconduct" who had an affair with a producer at the station. The situation was so scandalous it apparently warranted the firing of two additional staffers.

As one of our readers asked, is it not gross misconduct if you are a reporter covering a political beat to sleep with at least two of the politicians you are charged with covering?

I would suspect the people who were fired may feel the same way.

And the consequences Mirthala has to face for her decision are numerous. No matter how great a reporter she is, no matter that she won "Women of the Year" in 1999, forget that she once worked on an NBC news network program - she will be a permanent butt to jokes, snickers and giggles and always been known as Antonio Villaraigosa's girlfriend.

For new readers here are our past stories on Mirthala:

Finally, reports are saying that rumors that the Mayor and Salinas are expecting an "anchor baby" are false. Our source says don't be so sure just yet. I'd like to think the Mayor and Mirthala aren't that reckless but its tough to do so given the turn of events.

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George Jacjson said...

at best, she is unprofessional. At worst, she is a direputable slut and home wrecker. And Antonio? A pig.