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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Measure S Phone Tax Scam Update

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Lots of phone tax stuff here - and the battle to kill Measure S (for Shady!) is well underway.

First off can you kill a phone tax? Yes, the Federal Government did. And they found that the income lost from the phone tax was more than made up for by revenue increases as a result of the tax going back into the economy.

How about this - a liberal is opposed to the phone tax!

When is a Mayoral aide not campaigning for the phone tax on the City dime? When he's campaigning for the tax.

Pasadena also has a phony phone tax on the ballot, it's called Measure D. The good folks fighting that battle have a web site here.

The Daily News agrees - the phone tax "sucks!"

Make sure you email, fax or snail mail all the Mayor Sam blog reports about the phone tax to your friends. They need to know and they need to know to not be deceived by the "reduction" title.

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