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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Magic Johnson for Mayor?

No matter what you think of Zuma Dogg; he hears things and no not just the voices in Bill Rosendahl's head. I've been telling you that Richard Riordan and Eli Broad are planning to throw Tony under the bus; looking for that pro-developer mayoral candidate that can get elected as the antidote to the Coming City Superstorm and the force of Hurricane Zev. Everyone from Bob Hertzberg to Rick Caruso has been mentioned. The challenge for Mssrs. Riordan and Broad is that they need someone who 1) they can work with 2) is pro-development and 3) can overcome #1 and #2 enough to dull the pitchforks and torches coming from Sunland-Tujunga, Studio City, West LA, Granada Hills, CD14, et al.

According to Zuma, that someone could very well be the individual that wore a number 32 for 13 years:

ZUMA PREDICT NEXT MAYOR OF LOS ANGELES: AND SPEAKING OF LAKERS...looks like Los Angeles is going to have a former one for mayor in '09.

So while observant blogs play around with current Lakers who allegedly play around, visit Zuma Dogg's LA Daily Blog (and Mayor Sam too!) for more on who will replace Tony in the driver seat on Grandpa Dick's bus.

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