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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mayor V On The Road Again

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa plans to jet to the United Kingdom and Asia in the next several weeks. The purpose of the trip is to boost tourism, attract business and support a bid for the 2016 Olympics.

Villaraigosa will travel to London and Manchester next week at the request of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who recently visited California.

Villaraigosa will provide details of the trips during a City Hall news conference Wednesdsay afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder what AV thinks about L.A. County's TENTH emergency room closure in FIVE years.

Inglewood Hospital to Close Emergency Room, L.A. Times, Sep. 20, 2006.

And I wonder why Sam Quinones didn't mention even one single word about "undocumented migrant workers" in that article.

Anonymous said...

"POLLORAIGOSA" is going trolling, err, looking for more business to bring to L.A.