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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tony Villar's Dumb Move

Zuma Dogg covered the story where our media mayor took the opportunity at a Spanish language media awards to bash local talkradio hosts, John and Ken, for their position on illegal immigration.

This was probably the dumbest move of his career.

Not since Dan Quayle jumped all over "Murphy Brown" has a politician shamelessly used a media straw man to attempt to advance his own position.

Certainly, the Mayor has much larger issues to address than two guys on the radio. What the Mayor does know is 1) Draw more attention and greater listernship to the KFI program, 2) Inflame the hosts even more who will focus all firepower on him, 3) Once again divert the attention from the true issues facing the city.

Like the Academia Semillas del Pueblo crowd who think they have some kind of legal right to censor Doug McIntyre, the Mayor has drawn himself into a war he will surely lose.

Good going Mr. Mayor.


Anonymous said...

As a Latina w/ parents who not only came here illegally but also went through the immigration process, it is hard for me to label undocumented people as "criminals" and I think your blogs push away a very important part of the base you are trying to mobilize, which are young, conscientious, progressive, people who can vote and Latinos are good for that with the right motivation/information. While I do think the influx of illegal immigration as it has increased has weakened our immigration policies and increased corporate profit, advocating hate on people who have decided to come here mostly because of economic circumstances does very little for your cause and only serves to divide communities further. Immigration bills currently on the 109th Congress Agenda http://www.numbersusa.com/interests/legislation_proposed109.html
While aiming to reduce immigration are also seeking to make it easier for immigrants to enter legally. The main problem though is the corporations. I don't think they care who does their shitty work, they want to keep their high profits and not share it with anyone else. If no other forms of protection are put in place for average workers then we will continue to have exploitable uneducated citizens. There is no use in attacking illegal immigration unless you attack businesses and the very people who have benefited from illegal labor. This is always the bottom line in politics it seems, money, duh. The truly sad part is that we have a puppet Mayor and his homies who are sleeping with the enemy, so to speak. "El Grito" is the cry for independence, back then it was in Mexico from Spain, Today it's from our own leaders who want to keep us enslaved for their masters, the corporations, who do not care about legal status or human rights, the REAL criminals.

Anonymous said...

Matt Drudge just highlighted the"POLLORAIGOSA vs. "JOHN AND KEN" Jihad. Not good for our mayor.

Anonymous said...

Let the bloodbath begin!