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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Antonio Update

Of course he made a photo op out of it, but Mayor Villaraigosa got behind exactly the kind of project a Mayor should be doing - putting an emphasis on filling potholes. If the Mayor could focus on just this and the LAPD for now, he could really go down in history.

Mayor V spoke at a function at the Bonaventure Hotel recently, in conjunction with the release of a United Way study that shows how horrible the quality of life is in Los Angeles. The Mayor's answer to improving the lot of Los Angeles is "Education, education, education." Wrong! Please refer to the first paragraph of this article.

Last year our Mayor spoke at a pro-open borders rally - yes the one where he uttered the now famous phrase that gives our blog it's name - to over 500,000 people. His appearance and comments at a rally to mark the one year anniversary (this time to only 5000 people) highlight why it will probably be very difficult for Villaraigosa to appeal to middle class voters outside California were he ever to run for National office.

CBS' Kent Shocknek (yes the guy who hid under the desk during the Whittier Narrows quake) takes on Mayor V for his LA Chamber Washington D.C. junket. Don't forget you can buy Mayor Villaraigosa travel gear here.


Anonymous said...

He makes me puke!

Anonymous said...

Wait, wasn't it actually KNBC's Christopher Nance (the black guy with the bow tie) who was the one that got caught on tape going for cover under the desk?

(And Nance was the guy caught making some extra cash selling books to schools as a package deal he required for his personal appearances.)