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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Villaraigosa Tidbits

The LA Times muses on the reasons for Mayor Villaraigosa's reasons for vetoing the air rights sale program the Council passed recently. In the Times' view its a combination power play and battle for who's going to get Downtown developer campaign contributions. Too bad it can't just be on what makes the most sense for Downtown huh?

Villaraigosa and other mayors want to create a big boondoggle of a socialist handout, that is, every child born in the US would get $500 from the government to save for college. How about just lowering people's taxes so they can pay their bills or so one parent can stay home from work? It will probably cost $500 in administrative costs for every $500 they give out. Lets hope the people figure this out. But I am not hopeful. A great philosopher once said no democracy could last long because eventually the people would figure out they could vote themselves gifts from the public treasury.

Shades of Joe Biden? The Mayor has released a plan to deal with school dropouts that is remarkably identical to one implemented by the LAUSD over a year ago. There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that the Mayor has created a plan to allow people access to nature and the wild by building a large park that has enclosed areas in which animals would be displayed.

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