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Friday, May 04, 2007

Bloggers Blog on Mayor V

Villaraigosa returning early

46 minutes ago
With the LAPD yet again giving the city a black eye, Mayor Villaraigosa cut short his trip to Latin America and will return to Los Angeles Friday morning. He broke the news during a live interview tonight on Televisa, then his office ...
LA Observed - http://www.laobserved.com/

ANSWER Answers Bo
16 hours ago by Blue Collar Republican
We demand that Mayor Villaraigosa and all city officials take immediate action to bring the officers involved to justice. We also demand that the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners fire LAPD Chief William Bratton. ...
Blue Collar Republican - http://bluecollarrepublican.com/blog - References

The hits keep comin'
8 hours ago
Yes, that's right, straight out of Los Angeles, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's takeover bid (which we've covered here, here, and here) has hit yet another snag. If you recall, a Superior Court judge declared the law, which was hastily ...
BoardBuzz: NSBA's Daily Weblog - http://boardbuzz.nsba.org/

Rogue LAPD Assaults Demonstrators, Press
14 hours ago by Ken Reich
Without the strong, steadfast support of officials like Villaraigosa, Bratton and City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo, who should be but are not beholden to the public, the prospects of such legislation are hopeless. ...
Take Back the Times - http://takebackthetimes.blogspot.com/

The Roundup for Thursday, May 3rd
2 hours ago
The LAT's Duke Helfand writes that Antonio Villaraigosa is under criticism for traveling to El Salvador during the May Day immigration protests, which turned violent in a city park. "On Wednesday, he defended his decision to start the ...
The Roundup - http://www.capitolbasement.com

“The next thing I heard was the shotguns”
14 hours ago by marisacat
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who is traveling in El Salvador:. “Yesterday, across the country, we witnessed a day of overwhelmingly peaceful speeches and assemblies in the best American tradition. … Any time that our law enforcement ...
Marisacat - http://marisacat.wordpress.com

Police Fire on Journalists and May Day Rally demonstrators
9 hours ago by Laron Cue
Chief William Bratton has issued a statement regarding the incident, and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa also issued statements, calling the police reactions unfortunate. Villaragosa is in the unenviable position of having to speak on the ...
Blogcritics Section: Politics - http://blogcritics.org/politics/ - References

Help Wanted!
2 hours ago by Mayor Sam
Pro and Anti Antonio Villaraigosa bloggers for We Clean Your Toilets; News bloggers/press release journalists for Mayor Sam 2; Bloggers who want to cover/comment on the Presidential campaign/national politics for Sam Yorty's America ...
Mayor Sam's Sister City - Home of Los... - http://mayorsam.blogspot.com/
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The Day of the Immigrant brings LAPD Violence
2 hours ago by michael-
Call Villaraigosa and demand the termination and prosecution of all officers involved! 213-978-0600 or email him at mayor@lacity.org. If enough citizens are outraged, perhaps this will be dealt with swiftly. ...
HELIOLITH - http://heliolith.com

LA Mayor Seeks Gang Solutions in El Salvador17 hours ago
Concerns about gang culture prompt Antonio Villaraigosa to visit San Salvador. Both cities must deal with gangs that have strong ties in both nations. In San Salvador, felons deported from the US have taken LA's gang culture back to the ...
NPR Topics: Nation - http://www.npr.org/templates/topics/topic.php?topicId=1003&ft=1&f=1003 - References

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