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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Zuma Dogg's Shady Report

by Zuma Dogg
Public Advocate of the Community

Are There Two Concurring Investigatons at LA City Hall? (1 Fed, 1 State)

This past Superbowl Sunday, some comments by Captian Jack Sparrow (a frequent comment poster on "Mayor Sam's Sister City" blog www.mayorsam.blogspot.com) caught my attention.

Since then, he/they (more than one contribute to the "Cpt. Jack blogger persona) has/have been leaving clues about a sticky situation regarding a Los Angeles City Councilmember's (CM) trip to Florida, for the Superbowl game. And now, additional bloggers have seconded Cpt. Jacks claim that Federal Agents are investigating City Hall, over a civil rights violation by DWP, involving "listening in on phone conversations, without proper notification...aka: spying, and who knows, "what else".

To read the rest of the report, please click here.

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