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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Declare "Fiscal Emergency", Mayor and Council manuver to save Phone Tax

Mayor Villaraigosa and his "WILLING TAX AND SPEND, FELLOW TRAVELERS" are in discussions regarding options to saving the city tax on phones. One option that has the attention of Times reporter David Zahnizer, is declaring a fiscal emergency. this would pave the way for putting a revised Phone Tax on the February ballot. Most important, by declaring an "emergency", passage of the tax would require only a simple majority.

Coming on the heals of proposed tax hikes on properties for gang programs, trash fees for Police, rate hikes for IBEW, err, infrastructure improvements at the DWP. One can see that the current city leadership will stop at nothing to find "streams of new revenues" to waste on dubious programs. Plus, lets not forget the "OTHER TAX" that is still in the planning stage. A tax on your personal income.

Simple solution to this "ORGY OF SPENDING AND TAXING" ?


Just say No, when your city leaders will not crack down on "ILLEGAL MERCHANTS".

Just say No, when gang programs put current members of the "MEXICAN MAFIA" on city payroll.

Just say No, when your city leaders sell out our fine LAPD officers for the May 1 rally at MacArthur Park.

Just say No, when you city leaders give the "BANK" to dubious "Non-Profits".

Just say No, when a "PRANSTER" gets $1.5 million for hurt feelings.

I can go on and on, but I will let you add to the list.

Mayor maneuvers to get phone tax on Feb. 5 ballot - Los Angeles Times


WFA said...

I would think that until and unless the courts rule, no emergency exists. How they can declare one to reduce the passage down to a simple majority smacks of politics at their worst. I agree with Red Spot, that Los Angeles dreams up ways to raise money that they can waste.

Anonymous said...

Be adult about it. Just say "no."

Manuel Besemeculo said...

Pooor pooor Skippy Villapendejo. All those important Emergency Press Conferences and no excuse to get his face in front of the cameras.

PS: Hey Skippy, can I use Merthalalala now that you and Fabian the rock star are through with her? Or are you going to pass her along to Gil Cedillo?