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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Summer of Love is Officially Over

Once there was a girl who achieved her dream of being a big time television reporter.

First she banged Alex Padilla, Fabian Nunez and probably a few others.

But then she upgraded to the married, sitting Mayor of the second largest city in America. Indeed, she even reported on television that the Mayor was splitting up with his wife because of an affair with another woman. But she forgot to mention she was the other woman.

She was then suspended. And then transfered to the fabulous metropolis of Riverside.

But she failed to show up for her first day of work. And shortly after, her employer said she was no longer with the television station.

And in the meantime, the Mayor is probably looking for a new squeeze in time for the holidays.

Man, that really sucks. Just like that woman and this one and this one, anyone who dares screw around with a married elected official is bound to become the butt of many jokes and only a footnote in history. But hey maybe she can sell the movie rights!

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