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Sunday, June 24, 2007

As The Third Floor Turns, Day 14

Tony Castro weighs in on the Villaraigosa soap opera saying that based on the experience of politicians such as Rudy Giulinani and John McCain, the Mayor's divorce and alleged infidelity may not have a long term impact on his career. Noting the rumors discussed here on this blog as well as KFI's John and Ken show are part of the "feeding frenzy" when these types of issues come up but in today's more permissive society the public may not hold personal foibles against elected officials.

Of course if a pregnancy is involved it's my view all bets are off. While dalliances with another woman is one thing, someone of the Mayor's age and stature fathering a child with another woman while married signifies a sense of recklessness.

In other news, a very credible source tells us that an individual who works for KNBC says the alleged "television personality" in question is not just a recent relationship but allegedly had a relationship with Villaraigosa when he was State Assembly Speaker, during a previous separation from his wife.

Of course if the Mayor came out with details and told us the truth this would all go away.

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