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Monday, June 18, 2007

If You're An Avid TV Watcher...

Red Spot posted it and yes it was reported on John and Ken that the rumor swirling around City Hall is that the reason for the Mayor's divorce from his wife is not just irreconcilable differences, not just an alleged affair, but an alleged baby.

So if the alleged girlfriend is with an alleged child, who is she (allegedly)?

The buzz on our blog for days has been that the Mayor's alleged and rumored girlfriend is Telemundo reporter Mirthala Salinas. But that's only a rumor and we claim no knowledge of this alleged fact.

KFI newsman Eric Leonard implied to John and Ken that the person in question is apparently well known to members of the local press and said "if you're an avid TV watcher" you may be familiar with the alleged girlfriend, leading to speculation the person could be a television reporter (allegedly). Leonard's point was that if this person is indeed allegedly with child, it would be difficult to hide given her alleged prominence.

John & Ken and Leonard also seemed to believe that Villaraigosa will shortly issue a statement confirming the alleged pregnancy.

On the other hand, a former Villaraigosa staffer has told the Sister City that the Mayor allegedly had a vasectomy in 1994 following the birth of his youngest child. I guess we will find out soon.

Now why is this important? If true, it represents a serious lack of judgment on behalf of the Mayor. At this critical juncture in the City's history, we need a mayor who is focused and plugged in, not living a soap opera.

Stay tuned to this alleged blog for more updates as to these allegations.

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Anonymous said...

Slight correction to the end of this story: "a mayor who is [not] living...a *telenovela*. :-)