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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Thursday

Hey kids due to the Kevin James interview Wednesday night, no time for a Hotsheet so I'll let you guys blog, spin and post graffiti on this article.

Random thoughts:

It was an amazing experience to sit in studio with Kevin James at KRLA. Kevin is a true gentleman and a consulate professional. Watching him in studio you see how hard he works to produce a great show. And his behind the microphone team are a great bunch of guys. I am sorry we didn't get time to take calls, but there's lots going on.

Due to what Kevin calls "The Perfect Storm" of June 2007 in Los Angeles politics, analytics here are through the roof. Compared to the same three day period last week visits to the blog are up 151.24%, pageviews are up 210.61%, average time on site is up 39.44%, referrals from the Westside White Guy up 244% and traffic from computers on the City of Los Angeles network is up a whopping 464.81% (yea who said the 3rd floor isn't spinning, cutting and pasting?). Also the top keyword search term bringing folks to the blog - after various combinations of "Mayor Sam" - both last week and this week - is you guessed it - Mirthala Salinas, this week up 580% over last week. Thanks to everyone for their support and to all our bloggers - Zuma Dogg, Red Spot, Joe M., Joe B., Walter and AW who've been cranking out the content.

If you listened to Kevin Wednesday night he spoke of a caller who privately told him a few months back about one of the the topics contained in SONCHA WATCH. We are hoping this lady will call Kevin and elaborate on how she knew this months before any of us. I told Kevin that she had this story months before anyone else tells me, well, uh, it might more likely to be true than anyone thought. Like they say, where there's smoke...

So I am off to dreamland but feel free to blog away on the Kevin James show, Antonio, Rocky, Baca, Weiss or any of the other characters who are part of our daily soap opera here on the Mayor Sam blog.

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