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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

As The Third Floor Turns

MAYOR V UPDATE: Rick Orlov reports that the Mayor is traveling again - you guessed it - to Washington, D.C. to join with Ted Kennedy and a cast of characters to support the immigration reform bill that President Bush said and then said he didn't say offers amnesty.

We reported Monday that a very credible inside source told us that there may have been a previous relationship between the Mayor and the woman in question during the time the Mayor was Speaker of the Assembly and separated from his wife. Our source has since corrected us informing us that he/she was referring not to a relationship between the woman and Speaker Villaraigosa but that she allegedly "had also been with the CURRENT speaker when he was separated with his wife." We can't confirm this rumor but my how the worm turns!

In a related development, a blogger named "Cobb" says that he was surprised to hear the "anchor baby" rumor from his brother who is an LAPD officer and claims that members of the LAPD are allegedly planning to "prank" the Mayor by placing a plastic stork on the City Hall lawn.

Does it get any more fun?

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