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Monday, June 11, 2007

LA's Newest Bachelor

Questions and fall-out since the announcement last week that Mayor Villaraigosa and his wife Corina were seperating.

Among the items:
The Mayor is expected to address the separation in a Monday press conference.

The Mayor is moving back to CD14 - he will return to his Mount Washington home while his wife and children remain in the official Mayoral residence, Getty House, in Windsor Square.

A genealogy blog wonders if the Mayor will be allowed to continue to use the hybridized name that a younger Antonio Vilar, Jr. and Corina Raigosa came up with years ago.

LA is going to have a single mayor pretty soon - something we haven't had since the days of Dick Riordan - and an experience the folks of New York have previously had. I am sure many of you would like to start posting your a-list of the young ladies that an eligible bachelor like Mayor V would like to date. Remember, the Mayor has one of the best buddies you can troll for chicks with - none other than former President William Jefferson Clinton.

Of course, the Mayor does have higher political aspirations. He may want to read this article before he does anything further.

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Anonymous said...

The KNX story about Tony Vilar's commitment difficulties features an ad for wedding planning.